A green lung in every neighbourhood

Some parts of the city enjoy spectacular green spaces whilst others remain densely urban. The city should sets as an objective the creation of a high quality green lung for each neighbourhbourhood. To make a start here is an example south of the river in Southville. BCC should provide the leadership for the development of such neighbourhood green lungs but the local planning bodies should be independent with responsibility for the development of the subsequent project and its maintenance should rets with a local body.  

A strategic development plan to develop a major green, leisure and community resource in an area around Dean Lane, Southville, that runs from the far southern end of Dean Lane along to the junction with Kingston Road and up to Lydstep Terrace in the north. It would encompass South Bristol Swimming Pool, Dame Emily Park, the Salvation Army Church, Elephant House, 36 Dean Lane, the two 'green' spaces either side of the Tap and Barrel public house, the Wessex Water site, Holy Cross Church and Holy Cross Primary School and the Southbank Centre. Such a project would require a partnership between several public, private and community stakeholders [some of the latter being informal groups albeit still critical to the success of such an initiative].


Why the contribution is important

The project would be devised as a ‘good practice’ model to be copied in other neighbourhoods across the city that lack such resources. Specifically it would address two current problems of multiple but unconnected and often poorly thought through initiatives being pursued but without an overall strategy and conversely sites left stagnating and undeveloped. More importantly it could deliver an urgently needed green and leisure lung to what is otherwise a highly dense and urban neighbourhood, connecting to the docks and city centre as well as East Street. A strategic plan would provide guidance and direction for individual projects as well as ensure connectivity between them. A local planning body is the only way to bring together the multiple and diverse stakeholders. Who will benefit from your idea? Residents and workers living and/or working in the area designated as the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership area. The project would generate facilities and resources to meet the needs of all ages, interests and family types including young families, children and young people, older residents and all those who benefit from a green environment, shared public spaces and multiple opportunities for accessible leisure and sociability. The plan itself costs next to nothing. The implementation costs could be met through a combination of public and private funds including user fees and possibly a voluntary community/business levy. Equally various elements of the agreed plan could in some respects be self-managed. This is a neighbourhood high in social, educational and cultural capital with numerous community projects and considerable number of voluntary hours already committed providing a strong base from which to launch such an initiative. As a still powerful body BCC can/should provide the necessary leadership in bringing together various stakeholders and facilitating a shared vision.

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