Apprentice infrastructure company for the city

In Barcelona they main paths through part of the city centre are made up of paving slabs but which are moulded with images are Barcelona within each slab.

The idea is for Bristol Council to create their own infrastructure where possible using unemployed young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to help them train in various skills and to see their work used across the city.  
As the Green Capital of 2015 Bristol should be looking at sustainability and savings.  By creating an apprentice company for the city infrastructure we will see Bristol's streets with new slabs created in-house, moulded with several pictures of the city within the slabs and laid by the apprentices alongside tutors.  
This idea starts with slabs but there's no limit to what can be made within the city and used for the city.  Creating skills and future job opportunities.  

Why the contribution is important

It's important because it creates skills for unemployed young people, it saves the city possibly £M's every year, it improves the city and represents the city  plus it opens up so many opportunities for the city.  Young people help to take the city forward and they can be proud of their own work which will be seen across the city with all new developments and replacement infrastructure.

by user946047 on November 23, 2013 at 01:07AM

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