Bristol City Council Smartphone Application

As an ever increasing portion of the population are owners and active users of smartphones, Bristol could benefit from the implementation of an official 'app'.

This application could have numerous functionalities with benefits for both citizens and the Council itself:

  • Issue reporting: potholes, abandoned vehicles, damaged structures, street lights. Users can upload the location of the incident and a picture and the Council can manage more efficiently track city-wide issues from a singe database and update on progress.
  • Quick access to information: Parking, landmarks, venues, public toilets, public transport, cycling lanes, bin collection etc.
  • Management of council tax bills, pay fines, track planning applications and other end-user services.

Why the contribution is important

Having a Bristol Council smartphone app will provide a platform to allow citizens to access services in a quicker and more efficient manner, search for information and report issues they encounter in their city. The Council can keep users informed of resolution progress via e-mail/SMS thus creating a more community-oriented environment.

In parallel, by having a single referential database and input mechanism the Council could integrate and manage its internal services more efficiently. Tracking, reporting and allocating internal resources to solve issues could be optimised in many ways.

The actual cost of such an IT environment is not forbidding in this current economic climate, as smartphone app development is a mainstream industry.

Also, this could form a baseline for other opportunities such as identifying patterns in where damages occur city-wide, trends in user searches and more frequent ideas discussions.

by user830738 on December 15, 2013 at 08:15PM

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