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Bristol has many needs for energy but pays the same as anywhere else and this aids pollution and fat cats to get fatter.  The Universe is run on Hydrogen, but for man there are 3 main problems in this: 1) Lower Energy Density; 2) Cost of production and storage; 3) How do you tax water? Antipathy from the greedy tax desirers.  So, a city like Bristol needs to decide once and for all on the sound way and seize it by the throat at once.  There are remedies to all 3 equivocations if you are a fully-skilled science-qualified engineer.  First, you need thae leader of such a project who can do every single thing needed and teach others.  Then you need some kind of provision.  I say 'provision' because eveyone just thinks of throwing money not efforts at a problem.  They want it now funded by banks, not a year's work and begged, borrowed or otherwise done by doers and not bead counters.  Bristol has the places available and the bases for the results although some aspects will use the sea shore owned by the Crown.  Now, the biggest battle, once it leaks out, is to confront vested interests: energy and water companies, fuel outlets, etc.  That's easy, just produce a system that works and tell the world, which will then buy-in.  To do that requires a workaholic team ready to work every moment to do and achieve in secret if need be!  Once you show the world a working fully integrated model of the future, anyone who gets in the way is trodden out of it by mass interest.  Note the word 'integrated'.  This means that to get A you also cover B, C & D.  Each mutually adds and yet reduces the costs of the other.  When I deviced this idea I had to integrate it to make it viable and dispense with the fears that it could occasion.  The energy is out there, it just needs converting to a form that we need and to be available > 30% of the time (a major criticism of wind power). There is another aspect to include, if you take energy out of a system and use it elsewhere, you use some harmful energy and make man safer, not leave him in peril.  Would it not be nice to have only water and some heat in place of CO, CO2, UHCs, etc?  So, some disused site is set aside, you move in the brains and hands and scrap materials and let the first 2 resolve the 3rd.  This has many valuable spin-offs so it has to be a "Yes please, go ahead" reponse, not a "Oh, I don't know, what about" invention for non-action!  And, you must have the right leader to start with who has the ideas and will part with them without being a gold seeker!  What it produces: Minerals, Fresh Water, Coastal Defence, Leisure sites, H2 fuel supplies, Electrical energy.  Yet, all of this has but one outlay due to integration and has no radioactive or soot waste!  Has anyone done it before?  No!  Does it cost millions to set up?  No!  Once shown to work, like all good ideas, the more parasitical lot will try and leap on the bandwagon before they become history, they will funs moving from working pilot-plant to posher layouts.


Why the contribution is important

  • It creates a world lead in Bristol;
  • It creates jobs in Bristol for many on the dole;
  • It reduces UK pollution;
  • It reduces fuel costs and retains competitive advantages;
  • It provides for all of Bristol's energy needs overseen by Bristol;
  • It will go on to improve the world and set a pattern for people-orientated governments only.

by user241296 on November 24, 2013 at 08:26PM

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  • Posted by user734334 November 25, 2013 at 18:06

    I like it. However, perhaps some of those brains need to work on some sort of storage system for the energy created. As I understand it, and as you mention, there is big issue with the wind farm for this exact reason. Once we've solved the storage solution we can really get cracking!
  • Posted by user536903 November 26, 2013 at 15:20

    Just a quick question.. i remember energy can't be stored isn't it ? the power generated must be used and can't be stored.
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