Brunel - The Extra Mile

Often, Brunel's contribution in Bristol is summarised within the one mile, from Temple Meads to SS Great Britain. However, I suggest there be an extra mile added: from SS Great Britain to the Suspension Bridge. This then incorporates the sluices, lock, lock swing-bridge(s) and the Suspension Bridge, all of which Brunel was involved with. If this extra mile is built out to be a pedestrian and tourist route, it can become a delightful riverside walk. The route of the walk includes:

SS Great Britain,

Sluices and Underfall Yard,

Brunel's lock and swing bridge(s), as well as Jessop's locks and the Cumberland Basin,

River Avon/New Cut/Floating Harbour junction,

Historic ship landing platforms in Hotwells,

Fernicular Railway up to Clifton (ideally this could be reinstated as a working museum piece),

Zig-Zag pedestrian route up,

Suspension Bridge.


Currently, when trying to walk this route, it is very awkward and difficult. Improvements might including:

Clear signposting of pedestrian route,

Brunel's lock and swing bridge(s) signposted,

Good pedestrian route over the locks and onto the riverside,

More protected pedestrian route against traffic,

Save crossing to see/view the vernicular railway,

Advertisements for tourists.


Why the contribution is important

Tourist sites in Bristol are too separate in how they are presented: MShed, SS Great Britain, Suspension Bridge...

With this idea, there is an opportunity to connect the various sights in Bristol into one stretch. This will provide regeneration along the route. There is scope for regeneration along this route, for example the Underfall Yard and the Fernicular railway.

The opportunity is to reignite the vision in the World Heritage Site bid in 2011 "The heroic period of civil and marine engineering in England 1822, Bristol", which included the Old Station at Temple Meads, the Great Western Dock with the SS Great Britain, the Cumberland Basin, the Underfall Yard and Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge...


by user997267 on December 12, 2013 at 10:01AM

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  • Posted by user412750 December 19, 2013 at 21:37

    What a fabulous idea! Not only could it give the citizens of Bristol added incentive to explore our city's unique history, but it could provide additional focus for tourism, potentially bringing more tourist income into the city.
  • Posted by user826152 January 09, 2014 at 11:16

    Yes, an excellent idea, surprised this wasn't part of original plan. Should be manageable and affordable. Not wacky or utopian, just plain appropriate good sense.
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