Buy one GIVE one free

Every supermarket and retailer who use the buy one get one free campaign now offers a BUY ONE GIVE ONE FREE incentive. For every product purchased under the scheme the supermarket or retailier will give or donatae one free. These free products are collected in a specific container which, when full is shipped out to either the local community in the form of food baskets for example or shipped to an impoverished village or town in the third world with which the local retailer has twinned.

The goods can be distributed via already existing charities within the community or world and matters such as logistics can be provided by local government or sponsoring companies.

This model can be repeated for each area of bristol and then surronding cities with each community forming bonds and relations with the recipient twinned third world town or local recipients. There is local ownership and personal investment for each participant person, retailer and region.


The scheme would enhance Bristols profile and represent Bristol as UK city of innovation and compassion benefiting not only local needs, e.g elderly and impoversihed, helping to eradicate such but also holding a wider world view, making Bristol an internationally reknown city of excellence.


Neil Winter LLB (Hons), PG Dip (BVC)

Committed creator and supporter of the Buy one give one free campaign.

Some see the way things are and ask why? I see the way things could be and ask why not??


What will you see????


Why the contribution is important

The idea is important if we are to address inner city poverty. How can we as a community seek to enhance Bristol as a city of excellence if we tolerate poverty, need among the elderly and leave families to struggle with the fall out of the economic disaster wrought upon them. To best serve Bristol we must first create programmes that address its needs, become a model for compassion and change and, having perfected this then turn to the UK and extol our position as leader for change both in community and in business development, empowerment and excellence.


This is the kind of profile big business will wish to ally itself to. It will encourage businesses to locate to Avon, to invest in development and growth and to raise their own profile by being part of a force for good in the local community and the world.

by user833115 on December 02, 2013 at 09:55AM

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  • Posted by user833115 December 05, 2013 at 14:26

    fantastic idea, i'd support it. It works on so many levels, engages communities, gives back to those needing it most, gives an international perspective and encourages established and new businesses to integrate with community aspirations
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