Cable Cars to transform Bristol Centre

The centre of Bristol is congested, and requires large numbers of people to be transported in and out daily. Current plans to build new bus routes will decimate pedestrianised areas, and make the centre even more inhospitable and unwelcoming. 

There are 2 great examples of City centre cable cars to draw from - a cheap, minimum impact, rapid and efficient transport system. Think back to your ski holidays!

The first is the favelas of Rio, where extreme congestion resulted in huge swathes becoming cut off and abandoned. A cable car system has transformed these areas, made them accessible and economically viable. The second is in London, where the cable car built across the Thames in the east for the Olympics is now integrated into the transport system, is fast and fun, and provides spectacular views.

Bristol is hilly! Perfectly built for a hub and spoke system of cable cars to transport its commuters, and add a true signature landmark to the city...

Why the contribution is important

Transport in the centre of Bristol is a major problem - if buses in particular could be minimised or even removed, the whole centre could eventually become pedestrianised and transformed into a major leisure/shopping/entertainment area second to none in the UK!

by user125525 on December 11, 2013 at 11:15PM

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