Change Dayrider tickets to 24hr tickets

In AMsterdam you buy 24 hr tickets to use on public transport - tram, metro, buses etc - BUT the ticket/card only starts when you use it for the first time and the clock ticks from that point. 

Buy your cards for the week - but only use them when and if you need them.

Start using it at 11,30am then it'll finish working at 11,30 tomorrow (might even get you to work in the morning without buying another ticket).

And if first run the branch line trains AND the buses then why not have a ticket that covers both?

Why the contribution is important

In a financial time that squeezes everyone it is even more importnat to make sure your ticket works for you, people only buy what they need and that we encourage more people to get as much use out of the ticket as possible.

More people on buses, more use of the branch line trains, more satidfies customers.

by user718683 on December 03, 2013 at 12:48PM

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