Commercialise the city's B-Net fibre network, and sell access links to wholesalers and domestic/business customers

Bristol City is in a very unique position in that it owns a network of ducting and optical fibre around the city. This is a network that other telco's would kill for; it provides comprehensive access to a range of city locations, and with the right business effort it can be commercialised and generate revenue for the City. To limit this goldmine to simply carrying CCTV data traffic is criminal.

Why the contribution is important

This is a unique oportunity for the City to generate revenue not through taxes, but by value-added services. Everyone knows the value of a fully connected business, and Bristol can not only add value to business and homes that chose to operate here, but they can generate revenue that can be run back into the city at large.

by user827475 on November 25, 2013 at 06:41PM

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