Community Computer Repair Shops/Learning Spaces/Internet Cafés

It's not so much my idea as an idea that's already there and could be used to help lots of people.

In each area (covering x amount of square miles or citizens) of Bristol you could have a local computer shop.  This shop would employ a manager and a trainer (perhaps the same person) who would oversee apprentices work - the work would be repairs ranging from removing a virus to soldering work or whatever needed doing.

This work would be cheap, would allow young adults and the unemployed to get real experience in a field which now dominates as well as customer service and would allow customers to get a cheap repair without going to 1 of the big boys.

The second function would be to provide cheap training for people (perhaps referred from the local jobcentre or from their own need? Charged or not, it could help people get real skills)

The third function would be to act as a cheap or free web café that would act as an auxillary for ever closing local libraries.

Fourth it could generate extra income from taking old and unused machines from other local businesses and then restoring and selling on second hand.

For each apprentice to be viable they would need to do 5 repairs a week themselves + whatever is needed to cover a salary from a manager.

If there are unused council owned buildings in a particular area, use these, otherwise set up in local project areas or inexpensive sites.

Why the contribution is important

  1. Provide services needed by the local community - repairs, 2nd hand computers, IT training and a web café service
  2. Provide work for young people and the unemployed through an apprenticeship scheme.
  3. Get real skills into young people and the unemployed so they can then get jobs in the wider community of Bristol and learn what a real job is like.

by user353839 on January 03, 2014 at 05:20PM

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  • Posted by user382075 January 08, 2014 at 19:56

    Interesting idea, but It sounds quite complex to set up, plus once you employ people the costs are bound to escalate, it would take a long time to get sufficient trade to become self funding
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