Contract system for Bristol Oyster Card

To create a contract based payment system for the upcoming (eventually) 'Bristol oyster' card.

This could involve a monthly payment of between 5 - 15 pounds (ideally less) which would then allow unlimited use of the West of England public transport service. Fair pricing could be determined by using the average amount spent on bus and train  tickets a month per Bristol resident. 

This system would easily work alongside the pay as you go services that currently exist and would promote regular use of local public trasport. Residents could choose between using the contract system or pay as you go system depending on their personal level of travelling.


Why the contribution is important

Importantly this system would combat the freedom of movement enjoyed by car users. Using this system means that journeys on public transport would not need to be pre planned but could instead be hassle free and much further reaching. Due to high petrol costs/ ticket prices it would also save money for regular commuters.

On a secondary note the system would be very easy to explain to new users by comparison to contract and pay as you go mobile phone contracts. 

by user748567 on November 30, 2013 at 04:56PM

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