Crane as viewing platform

To bring a historic Bristol crane, DD2 by Stothert&Pitt, back from Avon docks, before it gets scrapped. Locate on dockside, eg Wapping Wharf and decommission. Convert to a viewing platform. The size, stairways etc are well built on a DD2, making it easy to convert to a safe and large viewing platform (unlike the current cranes in front of MShed).

Why the contribution is important

Imagine a destination, from which you look over the whole of the Floating Harbour. A location where you can see from Temple Meads, past SSGB, to the suspension bridge...all Brunel's works from one central location. The engine room is the size of a living room, enough to give talks. It would be Bristol's equivalent of the London Eye or Glasgow's Titan Eye.

by user997267 on November 19, 2013 at 04:18PM

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