Digital Inclusion Days.

Held at community venues around the city "Digital Inclusion Days" would act as an introduction to existing digital technology and promote its advantages.

It would have the following aims:

  • To encourage citizens to up-skill in using digital technology.
  • Promote computer recycling schemes.
  • Promote GetOnline centres.
  • Promote the concept of digital champions.
  • Showcase some uses of digital technology.
  • Promote introductory level computer courses.
  • Encourage donations to invest in getting the digitally excluded on-line.
  • Promote low-cost schemes to purchase computer equipment and internet access.
  • Allow local business / community groups / official bodies to demonstrate their use of digital technology.

The day would take the form of an exhibition format with representatives from local and (if possible) national organizations.

For example:

Learning Partnership West            - Entry level computer courses.

Get it Together (Citizens Online)  - Computer training for over 50's/disabled.

Action on Disability & Work UK     - Use of assistive technology.

Byteback -                                         - Computer recycling and low cost PC s

Job centre Plus                                - Showcasing gov.UK and universal jobmatch

Learn Direct                                      - I.T level 1 & 2 training

Bristol City Council                          - Information & services online. (Ask Bristol,                                                                         Webcasts, Ways2Work network etc).

Local Learning                                 - IT Training

Connecting Bristol                           - Publicize their work and also crowdfunding                                                                        digital inclusion campaigns  (e.g                                                                                            #Computers4Christmas) 

Volunteering Bristol                          - Finding volunteer vacancies / opportunities                                                                         online

City of Bristol College                      - Basic IT & Advanced computer courses

Voscur                                                 - On-line support for Bristol organisations

Quartet Community Foundation     - On-line donation for local good causes

NHS                                                      - Showcasing

Office of PCC                          - Showcasing

Go On                                       - National charity for digital inclusion

Knowle West Media Centre - Showcasing their digital projects

In addition Digital Champions would be on-hand to showcase some innovations using digital technology.

Social media             e.g       - Twitter / Facebook / flicker / Instagram / Pininterest

Orientation & Travel e.g      -, Google maps

Shopping online

Campaigning .          e.g       -

Getting news and current affairs, newsfeeds & e mail bulletins

Social innovations   e.g


Google searches      e.g      Helping citizens find the information they want.

Why the contribution is important

The UK is becoming more and more digital. The way that businesses, organisations and government agencies are interacting with their consumers is becoming more digitally focused.

There is a danger of those who are not currently on-line being left behind.

In addition some digital initatives and services are underused, simply because people are not aware of them or people are not utilising digital services to their full extent.

The UK government is becoming more digital by default. More council services are being delivered on-line and new developments are focusing on digital technology. (e.g The newly announced speakers commission on digital democracy: )

A presentation from BCC's digital inclusion manager found that:

  • Only 18.4% of households completed the census online.
  • There are 6 wards in Bristol where 20% of residents do not have internet access at home.
  • 64% of applicants to the computer re-use scheme stated they would benefit from IT training.

Digital Inclusion Days would work towards addressing some of the issues of the digitally excluded . See enclosed infographic and report


by user546669 on December 07, 2013 at 10:03PM

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  • Posted by user178691 December 12, 2013 at 10:11

    I think that this is a great idea.As Paul has identified their are some areas of the city where internet take up is not what it could be.If people have access to the internet it helps with social inclusion,job searching and their ability to have an impact on the issues that affect them.
  • Posted by user747161 December 12, 2013 at 10:12

    The Learning Communities Team would love to be involved in this. We can offer basic IT, online job search and creative courses like digital stories and animation.
  • Posted by user772115 December 12, 2013 at 10:15

    Access to internet and computer skills are particularly important for those in reciept of benefits - DWP access is increasingly online and those on benefits often have no / limited internet access and those with no computer skills are also at risk of not completing what JCP asks of them to satisfy criteria for benefits (Job Seekers Allowance). Any and all support would beenfit them greatly - and improve their employment options if they gain skills / qualifications.
  • Posted by user462645 December 12, 2013 at 13:06

    Fantastic Idea. Some could be held in places like Bingo Halls, Cinemas, supermarkets, Cafes to catch people that maybe dont go to Libraries and community centres. It would be great to have a sign-posting services which is informed about all the services available to people in bristol to help them get online.
  • Posted by user122507 December 20, 2013 at 18:19

    I'd love to volunteer for this! I'm a slightly geeky middle-aged woman who knows how computers work. Not a stereotype, friendly and helpful.
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