Encourage commissioners to undertake joint commissioning to support grassroots organisations

Small / medium sized organisations working across sectors in delivering valuable services to the most vulnerable and marginalised in Bristol are at risk of being squeezed out of the market. Commissioning is not geared to cater for these organisations. Government grants are disappearing, charitable trusts and grant making bodies are over stretched.

I suggest that commissioners from a range of sectors e.g.  substance misuse, housing and homelessness, health, public health, mental health, VAAWG, criminal justice - come together to offer grants to small / medium sized organisations working with vulnerable groups across all the sectors. The commissioning needs to be joined up and outcomes focused. As with any commissioning, these organisations need to evidence due diligence, cost-effectiveness and measurable outcomes.


Why the contribution is important

If these valuable services were to dissappear, it would be at a huge cost to Bristol. For example, One25 supports around 300 women a year to improve their lives in order that they no longer need to street sex work. With the support provided by One25 many of these women are now in employment, supported within family units, are in recovery from addictions, are addressing past trauma and abuse, have reduced or stopped offending....I could go on!

by user302540 on December 13, 2013 at 09:11AM

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