Express monorail park & ride from area near M4/M32 roundabout to Centre

Monorails are already in use in places from  Disneyworld to Gatwick airport. It is NOT a new,  untried system.

A monorail from a Park & Ride from South Glos ( possibly from an additional junction directly from the M4/M32 roundabout at Junction 19) and travelling above the central reservation of the M32, with a stop at the upper level of Cabot Circus and at the elevated walkway at Lewins Mead.

This would provide a FAST, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT service as it would not be subject to delays caused by traffic jams, traffic lights, road works etc.

It would not generate any polution in the City.

The energy costs would be more stable.

A shuttle-bus service could be introduced between Chipping Sodbury, Yate area to the Park & Ride (with a through ticket) to open up the service to pedestrians.

Why the contribution is important

Bristol should be seen as a modern, progressive City

Bristol needs to reduce traffic congestions whilst attracting more Business, Commerce and Tourism.

Bristol needs reliable public transportation to attract commuters, shoppers and tourists away from using their cars

by user266494 on December 11, 2013 at 09:37PM

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