Film Neighbourhood Partnership meetings. Show live online and make available for one month.

Neighbourhood Partnerships are an amazing vehicle and local voice for our city but what we are hearing more and more of by BCC officials is that Neighbourhood Partnerships do not reflect the majority of local people.

This isn't an excuse for local decision making and planning.  It's a bit like saying a councillor was only elected by 23% of people eligible to vote so the councillor shouldn't be taken seriously..  
If people cannot be bothered to attend their local Neighbourhood Partnership Ward Meetings then that is their mistake, what is decided at Ward Meetings should be taken 100% in to account for decision making.  The Neighbourhood Partnership sub groups should be taken just as seriously.  If there is a planning issue in a Neighbourhood Partnership area then it should be referred to the planning sub group and this is the voice of local people.  If people do not attend the group then those who do attend are empowered to speak of their behalf.  
Democracy is about empowering local people, not saying that groups do not reflect local people because local people do not choose to attend once a month for two hours or once a quarter for three hours.

To help reach more people, film local meetings and make film available online for all Neighbourhood Partnership related work so that 1000's of people can access this for once month and feedback through email and forums.  

Why the contribution is important

It's important because it reaches potentially 1000's of local people with every meeting.  It enables everyone to take part from the comfort of their own homes.  It stops BCC officials from saying that Neighbourhood Partnerships aren't reflective of the voice of the majority of local people.
It tears down barriers and helps to lift the portfolio and voice of Neighbourhood Partnerships.

by user946047 on December 11, 2013 at 11:28PM

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