Good Food Bus

A converted double-decker open-top bus (running on recycled cooking oil bio-diesel, of course) with allotment space on the top floor, and kitchen space on the bottom. The bus would be used to demonstrate how to grow fruit & veg, and plot-to-plate cookery, taking the "good food" message & skills out to all parts of the city. Crops on the top-floor would be kept topped-up by local growing initiatives and businesses with some container-grown veg. Use of the bus could be shared by many food-related initiatives across the city, so one week it could be run by FareShare, taking-out the message about food waste. Another week it could be run by the Council Allotments team, encouraging people to get-growing. Another week it might take people on a tour of growing projects around the city.

Why the contribution is important

Good Food should be available to everyone in the city. The Good Food Bus helps to take the message out to all parts of Bristol, rather than just to the usual subjects. The Primary Care Trust used to run food buses around Southmead, Lawrence Weston, Lockleaze etc with cooking, activities and free fruit & veg, which attracted a lot of interest and engagement - dispelling the myth that it's only the middle class who like good food. Bristol Play Bus takes "play" out to the community in a converted double-decker. The Good Food Bus will build on the success of the PCT initiative and take it a step further by integrating growing and cooking, and by using the bus to help support community projects around the city.

by user721621 on December 13, 2013 at 06:39PM

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