goods and services hiring

A platform where users can hire and hire out goods and services. Users looking for a product or service can post a 'wanted advert' and all users who can provide the services can see the advert and bid to win. User can now access all the service providers bidding on their work,ie cost, location, experience etc and select the best that meet their requirements Users can also search for services and goods advertised and if they like the look of it can invite the provider to privately bid on their project User placing an advertised goods can also select an option to sell the goods so users who do not want to hire, can buy the goods directly

Why the contribution is important

1. Hiring rather than buying is GREENER 2. Help users to compare different service providers and select the best that meet their requirements eg cost 3. Save money on items we will buy and not used for a long period of time 4. Save storage spaces for unwanted items 5. Make a business out of unwanted and fully functional goods 6. Skilled professional who can not find work can advertise their services and get hired and make some income 7. Business in the hiring domain can increase their customer base 8. Sharing is caring

by user483826 on November 21, 2013 at 09:31AM

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