Implement for Bristol's schools

The website allows teachers to list projects that they need funding for and offers people or businesses the opportunity to fund those projects.

Perhaps we could ask the opensource community in Bristol to implement a similar website for Bristol's schools, so we can help fund special projects directly in our local schools?

Or perhaps would consider expanding to Bristol if we asked?

Why the contribution is important

The best way for Bristol to grow is to make sure all of our children are highly educated and ready to work in growth areas.  We must develop a centre of excellence in education for all of our children across the city.  

Current school funding can only go so far, and only provides for the basics.  Teachers who have good ideas for their classrooms can go directly to the community using this website and pitch their idea for funding.

Have a look at to see an example of what is possible.  Several key celebrities promoted once it was live, which helped on the marketing front.

by user419622 on November 22, 2013 at 12:12PM

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