Improving Traffic flow with one way system

Traffic flow through Bristol is very stop and start at junctions and traffic lights.  If the current road layout was turned into a large one way system, all traffic would be going the same way so it would simplify junctions, some of which could be got rid of.   

With regards to pedestrian crossings and traffic safety, if all traffic is assumed to move at 20mph, then pedestrian crossings could be synchronised so that when a car leaves a set of red lights (after they have gone green), they will arrive at the next set just as they go green also.  In other words, there is no point in speeding, there would be no way you would get there any faster.  A steady flow of traffic also makes a better environment because cars aren't having to accelerate and throwing out lots of pollution while they do it.  Publicity would need to be done to highlight a constant speed is the key to getting through the city in the nicest possible way.  If there is enough funding, the pedestrian crossings could have countdown timers letting pedestrians know when they will change and end the constant speculation of are they going to change and shall I chance getting over the road when there is a small gap. 

For the current roads where 2 or more lanes are possible, split the road into public transport/taxies/bikes/bicycles in one lane and other traffic in the other lanes.  That would hopefully make a better and more consistent public transport infrastructure.  If room is available, a separate bicycle lane should be put in to aid busses passing them. 

For places where junctions are needed priority would be for the main routes to try and discourage people finding rat runs.

Why the contribution is important

It promotes a better environment (less car fumes, less driving stress (although good signs to key points in the system will be needed for people who are not used to the system).  

Public transport should be more reliable. 

Pedestrians will be better informed and safer.

If done correctly, is likely to ease traffic congestion allowing more vehicles through the system.

Long term, if there are any the extra lanes (more than the standard 2) they could be used for the tram systems if funding became available in the future significantly reducing the cost of implementing the trams. 

by user692164 on November 21, 2013 at 12:24PM

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  • Posted by user536903 November 21, 2013 at 17:02

    Moreover , people should be encouraged to use alternate roads on peak hours..

    the common problem in Filton Road during the mornings and evenings.. People commuting on cars could take filton avenue road instead of filton road and join back at muller road junction... this will save lot of time rather than being stuck in the slow moving traffic..
  • Posted by user122507 November 21, 2013 at 21:45

    Lets do this the other way and predicate it on the time a pedestrian takes to cross the road. Shorten the sequence for cars and lengthen it for pedestrians at Temple Meads, Old Market and the Centre.
  • Posted by user734334 November 23, 2013 at 14:32

    I seriously dislike one way systems but I get your point about the traffic chaos.
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