Intelligent bus lanes

Motorways are getting intelligent - why can't bus lanes be? 

The Dft has recently completed an intelligent motorway scheme on the M4 / M5 intersection.  It has electronic signage so people can use the hard shoulder during times of congestion and other messages can be conveyed to motorists. 

Bristol has some 24 hour bus lanes but not 24 hour buses.  Outside of peak times, could clear electronic signage indicate that motorists could use the bus lanes.  I often see Brislington Hill very congested on a Sunday (off peak) and drivers unsure about whether they can use the bus lane.  The signs are very unclear.  The result is a big queue of traffic and lots of air pollution for Brislington residents.  The electronic signs could be used to clearly indicate to road users they can use the bus lane and you could do this when conditions allow. 

As a cyclist commuter, I am aware that the one downside is bus lanes are often a safe refuge for cyclists, however, I'm also concerned about air pollution and inefficient use of road space.  Cyclists clearly need more segragated proper Dutch-style cycle paths anyway. 



Why the contribution is important

  • More efficient use of bus lanes outside of peak times
  • Reduction in air pollution from idling traffic at non-peak times
  • In the event of accidents and lane closures, the traffic management people could make use of the bus lane
  • It's a better idea than Liverpool's plan to get rid of the bus lanes
  • More efficient use of road space and recognition of the fact Bristol doesn't have a 24 hr bus service
  • More flexibility
  • Could apply to other cities - Bloomberg Mayoral Challenge




by user961282 on December 05, 2013 at 10:43AM

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