Joining up spaces in partnership with nature for safer routes.

Firstly this idea can be read in different ways so it's important that it's only read in the interest of protecting nature and creating safer access for people.

The Bristol and Bath Railway Path is a beautiful park for our city but in places it isn't as joined up as it should be and certainly can be with some small changes.

Focusing on the area between Ridgeway Road bridge in Fishponds and up to Greenbank Graveyard.  
Firstly Ridgeway Road bridge itself needs safer direct access to the Railway Path, what is currently being used for access is extremly dangerous and there is ideal space to the side of the bridge to offer people direct access.  With direct access here the Railway Path is better suited for closer tied with Eastville Park for commuters and leisure without the need for people to walk up and down hills and fight their way through busy traffice at Eastville.  The idea has already been adopted but nothing has been done since.  

Secondly and this is the sensitive part of the idea, should the Railway Path be better connected with Royate Hill Nature Reserve?  
The two parks link up perfectly but if Ridgeway Road bridge area is sorted out, there's no need to partly connect the Railway Path with Royate Hill.  Is there an opportunity to have a café on the Railway Path in a newly arranged hub at Ridgeway Road?  The space is there, the shelter is there and the area could be ideal for commuters..  another thought for a future portal to share business ideas for the city for potential investors to consider..

Royate Hill Nature Reserve takes people from the Railway Path to Eastville Park by another route, away from traffic and pollution.  Ridgeway Raod bridge area is just as good in other ways but not in it;s current form.

Crossing the M32 from Eastville Park to Miller Road is being made more attractive every year thanks to the efforts of Friends of Eastville Park but what can be done to make the area's around M32 Junction Two roundabout more attractive to cyclists and walkers?

Access to Eastgate Retail Park is designed for cars, walkers are expected to fit in with zebra crossings placed in the most inconvienient parts, then walk right out of their way to bus routes.

A picture which show's the current route that walkers need to take to catch their No.4 bus from Eastgate Retail Park is shocking when there's hopefully direct access which can be reopenend just here..

Making life easier in a cycling city means looking at all of the options and taking advantage of existing infrastructure but in partnership with nature and others hard work.

Why the contribution is important

Looking at ways to reopen spaces, design better partnerships, make routes safer and make access easier is surely the key to a happy city and can only help in the fight for better public transport and use of transport.  

by user946047 on December 08, 2013 at 10:19AM

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