Let high occupancy vehicles use bus lanes

Given the maturity of Bristol's CCTV, perhaps there is an opportunity to reward car sharing by allowing vehicles carrying three or more passengers to share the bus lanes.  This would be particularly useful on the Portway / Hotwells Road.  If you watch the cars leaving Bristol on Hotwells Road in the evening, most of them are single occupancy.  

Increasing car pooling into the city would address some of our transport issues cheaply and relatively quickly - perhaps car sharers could also be permitted to park in the park and ride car parks for a nominal fee or free.

If taxis are permitted to use the bus lanes, why not high occupancy vehicles?

Why the contribution is important

Car sharing would reduce congestion and the number of cars coming into the city.  Bus lanes already exist, park and rides already exist, so we could just try it, by allowing high occupancy vehicles to use the bus lanes on the Portway and Hotwells Road to start and allowing car sharers to share the park and ride car park in Avonmouth.

Car sharing is well established in other cities with limited public transportation - why not here?

by user419622 on November 26, 2013 at 02:16AM

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