lost and found metal sculpture frames in public places

When I  was in Holland last summer I saw these metal frames on which people could hang lost property - everything from gloves to coats and bags - located in public places - eg parks. The frames were attractive and simple and fitted into the look of the public space.

Perhaps Bristol could try putting a couple of these structures in local parks with high usage (and lost property).  This would be a relatively low cost initiative, which if it worked would have an impact on the individuals concerned and the wider community. If it didn't work  - ie the structures weren't used or the stuff was taken - then they could be removed and perhaps tried out in a different environment where there is lots of lost property eg school or museum.  



Why the contribution is important

The idea is important because the visible usage of a structure which relies on honesty and a sense of community would in some small way boost our collective view of humanity in Bristol.

I understand that the London Underground has a very successful lost and found office which experiences a very high rate of return of lost items - even money and purses.  So can Bristol show this can work in a different context?  

by user986374 on December 11, 2013 at 12:54PM

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