M32 to be changed in to a Dual Carriageway from Junction One

The M32 isn't really a motorway but more of a dual carriageway and it should be a dual carriageway.  The ringroads around Bristol are also two lanes, they also allow cars and lorrys to travel fast but they do not stop cyclists and moped drivers from using them.
Bristol is a cycling city and the M32 is a mayor route which should be welcome to cyclists and mopeds.
As a dual carriageway it will be more welcoming to local communties and it will be more flexiable to plan for 2020 city vision.  

Why the contribution is important

It's important because it's stopping sustainable transport in the 21st century from using it.  The M32 was built at a time when heritage, communities and neighbourhoods were bulldozed and pushed aside to get things done without any care for the future.  
Downgrading the M32 to a dual carriageway will see better interconnected ring road circuit and better relations with neighbourhoods.  

by user946047 on November 28, 2013 at 12:16PM

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  • Posted by user412750 December 19, 2013 at 22:21

    Good idea, but as a cyclist, I'm not sure I'd feel safe on the new A32 unless additional measures were taken, such as rumblestrips, as suggested in another submission, to protect cyclists from cars. I'm not convinced car drivers would be prepared to reduce their speeds (as they would resent restrictions on what's currently allowed), so it would need traffic cams or other ways of forcing cars to slow down.
  • Posted by user946047 December 24, 2013 at 00:18

    Hi JSeymour,
    Initially it will feel unsafe to cycle on any initial A32 idea, but it gives 50cc mopeds immediate access and it will help with any future ring road bus strategy. However once the A32 is in place, everything is then possible to plan for the future of the Bristol which we all would like to live and work in..
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