Make Avon Crescent safe for pedestrians, cyclists and runners

My idea is to completely close off Avon Crescent (which comprises part of The Harbourside Walk) to all motor traffic. The alternative route at this end of the Harbour is through Underfall Yard, but Underfall Yard closes at dusk when many runners and cyclists are circumnavigating the Harbour. It is also closed sometimes during the day for health and safety reasons, as it is a working boatyard.

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There is a Metrobus planning proposal to make Avon Crescent one way to motor vehicles, but the motor traffic lane will run adjacent to a narrow walkway. Pedestrians, parents with buggies, runners and cyclists will continue to have to dodge each other (and lamposts) by entering the motor traffic lane. There are proposals to 'psychologically' calm traffic, but many are sceptical that these will work as Avon Crescent is such an entrenched 'rat run'.

Under the current planning proposal, pedestrians disembarking Metrobus at The Create Centre, and cyclists/runners using the proposed new passage under the Cumberland Road bridge (currently a boat storage area) will have to try to cross Avon Crescent without the benefit of anything like a 'pelican' or signalled crossing. The simple solution to all the safety issues and cost of 'traffic calming' would be to close Avon Crescent to motor traffic so that the heritage crescent can be appreciated properly as part of our historic docks.

At the moment Avon Crescent is closed to motor traffic due to flooding, and the traffic seems to be flowing quite freely. Avon Crescent should be for pedestrians, cyclists and runners (after all it is part of 'The Harbourside Walk'. The Cumberland Road parallel with it should be for motor traffic, with the lane behind that for the new Metrobuses.

by user385140 on January 05, 2014 at 12:29PM

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  • Posted by user251846 January 07, 2014 at 12:38

    Roads are for bicycles. Park and tracks are for runners. Pavements are for people to walk upon. Enough said!
  • Posted by user603448 January 09, 2014 at 13:34

    The whole system of roads around the Cumberland Basin needs to be reviewed to remove sometimes tortuous routes around this area and make it safer and more navigable for all. There needs to be a long term plan for this, and I do not beleive closing off Avon Crescent to motor traffic at the moment is sensible, but I think it should form part of the long-term plan. Perhaps a redesign competition could be held?
  • Posted by user925393 March 04, 2014 at 20:42

    Are you serious!?! You clearly haven't used Cumberland Rd in the mornings whilst Avon Crescent has been closed. I live in Baltic Wharf and Cumberland Rd queues right back up to and past where all BW residents exit the estate - it takes 10 mins to reach the basin system instead of one! It also causes problems in the evening on the way home as traffic is diverted and forced to wait at three-way lights to cross the weak bridge. Closing the Crescent to traffic would be lovely if you live there - but a traffic nightmare for everybody else who needs to drive around the harbour - A very selfish proposal by residents of Avon Crescent!
  • Posted by user385140 March 11, 2014 at 23:18

    mark the bridge is not weak. It was strengthened at a cost of more than £350,000 to take two-way HGVs. For some reason the Council will not reinstate two-way traffic. Take this up with the Council? More than 2,900 people have signed the petition to close Avon Crescent to the proposed one-way traffic. It is not only residents who are being 'selfish'
    Anyway, Avon Crescent residents don't want stationary traffic blocking them either.
  • Posted by user925393 March 16, 2014 at 21:34

    Ok, I did not know that the bridge had been strengthened. If that is the case then the council should make it a 2-way bridge. There must be a reason they have not removed the traffic lights. Surely the council are obliged to give local residents a reason for not doing so, if not at least to justify the £350,000 spend of council funds?

    I am not against the residents of Avon Crescent wanting a nicer living environment (and would actually welcome it for them IF the lights on the bridge are removed) but am strongly opposed to the closure if it inconveniences many, many more local people which I fear it will as I believe the council must have good reason for that bridge still having 3-way lights on it.
  • Posted by user385140 April 01, 2014 at 14:56

    mark Please can you try to find out from the Council the reason that the bridge still has three way lights? The Council will tell us nothing! Maybe someone not involved in the campaign to reroute motor traffic around Avon Crescent in BOTH directions when Metrobus comes, will have more success, but I frankly doubt it.
    Please let us know here if you manage to find anything out.
  • Posted by user385140 April 04, 2014 at 19:04

    mark please will you ask the council for the reason that the bridge is still closed to two way traffic having been strengthened? We have asked many times but have not been given a reason. We all want to know the answer to this important question.
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