Neighbourhood Partnership area's

Bristol's Neighbourhood Partnerships aren't getting enough publicity from BCC. Every letter that is sent out, every election card which is posted and every BCC vehicle should promote Neighbourhood Parterships.

Area's shouldn't just have sign's saying "Welcome to Bristol", several signs should be made for every Neighbourhood Partnership area so that people know where they live and visit's know when they are in Bristol at the same time.  

All Neighbourhood Partnership area's have deprived and affluent communities, bridging the gap is possible using micro scheme's for pride of place in the form of Parish Council's opposed to local people made to feel excluded and some communities sense apathy.  

Clearly displayng where people live could see inward participation and investment instead of confusion and denial.

Why the contribution is important

There are so many places in Bristol where local people are convinced that they live in named placed adopted by South Glos, Banes and North Somerset councils.

A sign at the boundary of Neighbourhood Partnership areas, both deprived abd affluent offer local people a real sense of community with the hope to be more involved. 

by user946047 on November 27, 2013 at 10:19AM

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