new bristolians

With the relaxation in borders Bristol has an influx of new workers with a variety of work experiences. This could have a positive impact on our social and work ethic, in particular I see professional people providing ways that cut down on waste. In their own countries budgets are smaller and waste is not allowed.These voices are not being heard due primarily to an arrogance in our work environment, that is we know best. The breakdown in the NHS is a classic example where consultants in the private sector have bailed out the NHS,  ( they only deal with NHS patients  ) from waiting lists that were years long to the current 8 week process. Yet those same consultants are not accepted in the NHS unless they have British qualifications. So our systems are protected from potential improvement. I don't call that protection I do call it arrogance.

It should be a target of our mayor to reach out to these communities of workers to have a forum where they can advise and contribute to our society for its betterment.

Why the contribution is important


by user562101 on November 23, 2013 at 09:31AM

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