Opt-in required for "free" magazine delivery

(This is a relatively easy one.)

We get so many city magazines through our door that are simply a waste of paper.  They go straight from the doormat to the recycle bin.  Such as "Bristol Magazine" or the BS-series (e.g. "BS9").  Just when we think it isn't possible to have enough of these, a new one launches!

As Bristol is about to be European Green Capital, how can we justify the mountain of recycling that is needlessly created by these "free" magazines/circulars?

Now, some people might enjoy receiving them.  So, let's create a solution to satisfy everyone.


Bristol City Council, please require people to opt-in for delivery of these magazines.  

Why the contribution is important

Better for the environment

Supports Bristol's European Green Capital status

Reduces amount of recycling and resulting cost to Bristol City Council for waste services

Makes (some) residents happier

Low-cost change


by user419622 on December 09, 2013 at 09:54PM

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