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the P&Rs that we have are excellent, we need more of them.

every radial route from the city centre should be served by a Park & Ride bus service.

The aim of getting people out of their cars is right, RPZs are right (people will eventually realise).  Improving ordinary bus services on their own will not have the desired effect as many of them go via tortuous routes.

X-buses from outlying places are popular because they get the passenger from A to B directly and with limited stops. P&R follow that principle but have the additional advantage of free secure car-parking.  We are wedded to our cars so the idea of looking after the car for us is what sells it

Why the contribution is important

traffic congestion in the city is the biggest turn-off for visitors and business.  time spend in traffic queues must be very expensive, as well as being detrimental to the air quality of the city.

More people on buses will enable the buses to get through more quickly, and everyone else. Keeping the fare price low in relation to the cost of car-parking will ensure people use a bus wherever possible.

by user345652 on November 27, 2013 at 11:28AM

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  • Posted by user974253 December 31, 2013 at 18:15

    As a Green Capital, we should be promoting policies that encourage us to leave the car at home, not on the outskirts, so we can take advantage of the bus lanes for the last couple of miles. Things like reopening the Portishead railway to give thousands the chance to get to Temple Meads in 17 minutes should have a higher priority.
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