Point Fountains to the Sky

Everyone I know hates the miserable water fountains in the centre.

We all know what they are known as...."Old Men......."

Simply and cheaply, they could be made stunning.....re-engineer the water jets, make them smaller and thus higher pressure, turn them so that they shoot water vertical, instead of the current angled jet. Reach for the sky

Under pressure, a vertical jet could reach 20 feet high. They could be intermittent or permanent. Clearly there are all sorts of permutations for programming fountains these days......different size jets, lighting which changes, music.....  However, the whole point of this idea is that it is so very cheap to accomplish and it would transform the centre for just a few thousand pounds.

Even better...get a Company like Bristol Water to pay for the changes and get sponsorship for 5 years.  Their engineers can do anything with water pipes.

It would be a sort of 'Thank You' to the people of Bristol from Bristol Waterfor putting up with all the disruption from the many road works across the city over the past few years

Why the contribution is important

The current fountains are such a poor refection on Bristol.  People ask me "Is the really The City Centre ?"   and "What happened to your fountains ? "

This would revolutionize the City Centre, virtually overnight, at no cost to the residents and would make a HUGE improvement to the quality of life of thousands of residents and visitors who walk past every day.

Come on Bristol Water.  Divert a few of your engineers, fabricate some new fountain jets........make a gesture to the people of Bristol.  Everyone would love you for doing it.

Simple, cheap, quick, effective.......what more can you ask, George ?

by user425366 on December 10, 2013 at 09:01AM

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  • Posted by user175561 December 10, 2013 at 13:50

    I disagree that the fountains are hated by all - have you been there on a sunny summers day? My children love playing in the fountains, as do many others, on a busy day you will find up to 20 or more kids playing in the water while their parents sit and watch the world go by. This adds vitality and playfulness to what is admittedly a pretty traffic/concrete dominated space. I don't see what big difference pointing them at the sky would make?
    Yes you may think it is just a place for old men to wee, but the chlorine does it's job and any public pool is full of wee anyway, right?!
  • Posted by user563181 December 10, 2013 at 22:52

    Brilliant Idea. These are the kind of improvements we can afford and be innovative with.
  • Posted by user920528 December 13, 2013 at 16:18

    First law of designing fountains - dont make them attempt to be symmetrical - water is not like that.

    I think this is a brilliant idea, current design is miserable, have you EVER seen all the spouts create anything near the symmetry they aspire to?
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