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Create a working partnership with the likes of Starbucks, Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC et al that will enable genuine toilet needing members of the public access to the hundreds of private toilets these corporations own in the absence of any publicly funded conveniences.

There are more toilets in the above named establishments throughout Bristol than there ever have been public restrooms.  They are everywhere.  Trouble is, they're usually only for paying customers.

Surely there is a way, using cross promotional marketing strategies, to encourage these businesses to open up their toilets for all, thus negating the need for public bogs? It would be good PR for these businesses (many of whom are seen as greedy, money grabbing tax dodgers) and fulfills a genuine need for members of the public who just have to go.

I realise some businesses may be reluctant to allow any Tom Dick or Harriet to use their toilets, indeed some places already implement the use of a code to gain access to restrooms; a code only available if you buy something.  But I would suggest if a person was genuine about needing the loo they could be issued such a code without the need for payment.  This would be particularly beneficial if the code was on a branded ticket which publicised promotions (the kind you see on tickets from parking meters).

Such issues are in no way insurmountable and I would be confident that the goodwill afforded to such businesses, if they were seen to be taking up the slack left by government budget cuts, would more than outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Why the contribution is important

WIth severe budget cuts leading to the inevitable closures of less glamorous public services (like toilets) it's important for private business to fill the gaps.  

They have the facilities, they have central locations and they are open at all busy times through out the day.

Something like this would enable the old, the infirm or the plain "caught out" to find the relief they require,  For some, the prospect of there being no toilets is enough to put them off leaving the house altogether, never mind going to our already hard hit shopping areas.

It will also help bring communities together.  Businesses working with people FOR people rather than it being us and them.  I know there would be issues regarding innapropriate usage of private facilities...but surely as a civilised society we can come up with a solution?

Don't lose our loos, use our loos.


by user156125 on November 27, 2013 at 04:16PM

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  • Posted by user428889 November 28, 2013 at 11:33

    Don't forget we already have the community toilet scheme where cafes, pubs and other private businesses make their toilets available free of charge and free of purchase to customers.[…]/community-toilets

    The Mayor proposes to expand this scheme
  • Posted by user774193 January 21, 2014 at 16:29


    The Mayor of Bristol has carefully considered the strong response to the budget consultation this year (nearly 4,000 responses with hundreds coming to the public meetings).

    His proposals on public toilets were a concern to people (ranking as no 8 in terms of disagreement).

    Listening to the views of people who took part in the consultation, George is now proposing to review public toilets and look at how they can be provided differently. The review would take place in 2014 and would also take into account the ideas and views expressed on this website. The proposal to save £500k by closing 23 council-run toilets would be removed (subject to cabinet) so this review can take place without being driven by the need to deliver specific monetary savings.

    Find out more about the Mayor's response to the budget consultation here:[…]/budget-consultation-2014-17-0

    You can watch the webcast of the Mayor discussing his response to the budget consultation in his cabinet meeting on 16th January 2014 (live from 6pm and recording available)[…]/120771
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