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I suggest a contract payment option for the upcoming (eventually) Bristol smart travel card for local public transport. At the moment it appears that the new smart card will have to be topped up like the current London oyster card in a pay as you go fashion. I believe a contract system would both increase use of public transport and make it cheaper in the long run for most users.

The contract option would involve a monthly payment of 5 – 15 pounds which would allow for unlimited travel on all buses and trains within the West of England travel area. A fair price could be determined by taking an average monthly ticket spend from local residents and setting the rate at that (the above range is just a guess).

This would be available alongside a pay as you go system so that occasional travellers would not be penalised. It would work a lot like a simple phone contract vs. pay as you go system so hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to explain.

Why the contribution is important

To explain my earlier statement I firstly believe that a monthly payment for all local transport would increase use because it gives the same freedom of travel enjoyed by car users. Journeys would not need to be pre planned with multiple ticket payments in mind, you could simply get on as many buses/ trains as you wished in order to get where you need to go. All in the knowledge that it is already paid for. In my opinion this increase in freedom would solve many of the current problems with our public transport system.

Secondly it should prove cheaper for regular travellers due to decreased petrol costs from car travel or from less spending on tickets. For occasional travellers there would be the choice to stay pay as you go or opt for the improved value of money from the contract. Finally it could also prove beneficial for bus companies as they would receive stable monthly payments from an increasing number of people.


by user748567 on December 21, 2013 at 10:07PM

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  • Posted by user792671 January 02, 2014 at 19:02

    Do we already have this idea with season tickets? You would need all the bus and train operators to buy in to the same system. Your idea is really to make the buses and trains public, I suspect. Try this:
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