Put that light out!

A mass action campaign, to 'Put that light out'!

Using a modern version of the call shouted by air raid wardens in the Second World War, made famous by Hodges in Dad's Army, we can encourage, cajole, enforce and reinforce low carbon behaviours and get Bristol to switch their lights off.

This would include householders, schools, businesses, the universities you, me, us.

We can all become Light Wardens using social media and the hashtag #PTLO! Children can nominate their schools for a #PTLO! award. They can pester their parents by being allowed to shout  #PTLO! and parents can do the same right back!

We can gently shame others into action with a #PTLO! raspberry. 

In 2015 Bristol can shout #PTLO! at the rest of the UK, because we will have shown that we can make a difference, if we think global and act local.


Why the contribution is important

For some reason people have got into the habit of leaving lights on. Lighting is the biggest single source of CO2 emissions in buildings accounting for up to 40%. In some cases, 60% of the energy used in buildings is when they are not being used, most of it through unneeded lighting. 

We've done it before in Bristol with the big switch off campaign. 

Pits by far the simplest thing we can do to reduce emissions.

My dad used to shout it at me all the time. I didn't realise then, how important that message would be today.

I am certain that Bristol can show the world how through mass action, how to do it and have fun!

by user640267 on November 19, 2013 at 08:43PM

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