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Bare with me as I do have a usefull comment to make.

I was out shopping last weekend early on Gloucester Rd and I needed the toilet. Oh wait I cant because the council have knocked down the toilets and car park and have sold them so houses can be built. Luckily a cafe had just opened and I cheekily asked if I could use their toilet. However this should be a service provided by the council but then it hit me. This Cafe should be rewarded for providing a public service that the council should be providing. I feel if businesses that provide a public service that the council has cut back on ( I saw it in the News the other week) they should have a standard fee reduction off their business rate.  If they apply for this rate relief then then must display a public toilet sign. Its a winwinwin. Yes three wins  1st - The council doesnt need to pay to maintain toilets, 2nd - Business get rate relief, 3rd People wont feel cheeky asking to use the loo . 

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Saves Money for the Coucil !

Saves Money for Businesses !

Saves awkwardness when asking !

by user494852 on December 11, 2013 at 05:00PM

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  • Posted by user412750 December 19, 2013 at 21:42

    Good idea, but it would need to be explored closely with businesses as they might not welcome the additional expense of toilet paper, soap and additional cleaning (especially if it's been raining), and might also have concerns about their customers having to compete for access to their facilities. But it is definitely a problem we all face!
  • Posted by user411811 January 14, 2014 at 11:54

    I agree with this, in the face of toilet closures in town. I think if enough people joined the scheme then jseymours concerns will be mitigated i.e. if everyone was doing it, the increase in toilet use would be minimal. And the incentive to businesses doesn't have to be all that large.
    Perhaps a voluntary donation could be made when you spend a penny to help cover the tiny additional costs
  • Posted by user774193 January 21, 2014 at 16:28


    The Mayor of Bristol has carefully considered the strong response to the budget consultation this year (nearly 4,000 responses with hundreds coming to the public meetings).

    His proposals on public toilets were a concern to people (ranking as no 8 in terms of disagreement).

    Listening to the views of people who took part in the consultation, George is now proposing to review public toilets and look at how they can be provided differently. The review would take place in 2014 and would also take into account the ideas and views expressed on this website. The proposal to save £500k by closing 23 council-run toilets has been removed from his proposals so this review can take place without being driven by the need to deliver specific monetary savings. A meeting of the Full Council still needs to agree the final budget.

    Find out more about the Mayor's response to the budget consultation here:

    You can watch the webcast of the Mayor discussing his response to the budget consultation in his cabinet meeting on 16th January 2014 (live from 6pm and recording available)
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