Reduce the number of councillors fairly for better relations in local communities

With an elected Mayor voted for by the city there's arguably a need for less councillors which will save the city more money.  
The current design is for two councillors in every ward which means we have 70 councillors.
In Neighbourhood Partnerships we see those councillors coming together for the joined up community which they represent but it's less joined-up for neighbourhing communities i.e. a councillor for Eastville doesn't help decide stratefy for Lockleaze but better relationships and strategy could be developed through closer ties.  

The idea here is for neighbourhood partnerships to develop on track with the Mayor's review with fairness and opportunity going forward but for councillors to be reduced by a percentage and work across two wards, 50% one ward and 50% another.  
So a councillor for Hillfields will also cover St George and a councillor for Frome Vale will also cover Hillfields. No longer the whole of Frome Vale or the whole of Hillfields.

This chain will help to link together the wards, see one counciilor representing 50% of a ward area and it'll pull together Neighbourhood Partnerships for a more joined up city with close understanding, smarter decision making and better supporting networks for Neighbourhood Partnership areas i.e. the partnerships will not change too much but councillors helping to make local decisions will see the bigger local picture by attending two Neighbourhood Partenrship meetings and two ward forums.  It creates a strong chain instead of 14 ships all sailing in their own directions..

Why the contribution is important

It's an idea because at present there's still a lack of understanding between Neighbourhood Partnership areas.  It tears down barriers, it reduces waste without effecting BCC deparments.  It helps to protect local communities by keeping a voice but a smarter voice for the city and inevitably in reduces councillors but in the fairest and possinly the smartest way.  No longer a councillor playing off another but jist one councillor covering an area who can be replaced in the usual way during the elections.
Area's have one MP so why two councillors?

by user946047 on December 09, 2013 at 09:35AM

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  • Posted by user959757 December 09, 2013 at 13:26

    I have for some time thought that we could reduce the number of councillors drastically, and also use it as a way to bring together some of the richest/privileged and poorest/deprived areas of Bristol to work together rather than be divided even more by ward boundaries.. Interestingly some of the richest areas neighbour directly - just across a road - a really disadvantaged area. we missed a real opportunity when we created Neighbourhood partnerships by not pooling resources.. we all have much to learn from each other so it would not be a one-way, patronising arrangement....
  • Posted by user206080 December 09, 2013 at 14:11

    Or even just one councillor per ward!
  • Posted by user428889 December 18, 2013 at 15:11

    Electoral ward boundaries are already being reviewed by The Local Government Boundary Commission - find out more:[…]/bristol-line-boundary-review

    Councillors also agreed to go to a four yearly cycle of local elections which brings benefits including cost savings.
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