Reduce time wasted by Council Staff

Residents who leave wheelie and other bins on footpaths should receive a standard written warning to keey footpaths free to walk on. If this is ignored then the wheelie bins should be removed by the council for at least a month.

Why the contribution is important

The council refuse department have a very time consuming policy for trying to get residents to keep wheely and other bins off the footpaths - their policy is to try to personally visit the residents and "have a word with them".

Having these bins on footpaths causes difficult walking and litter problems when they are tipped over by people (generally nightclub revellers).

Bins are left on footpaths out of laziness, in the main, it's unnecessary and sends a "don't care" message to fellow neighbours.

by user510424 on November 21, 2013 at 11:23AM

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