reserve list.

web based list of people that have skills and live in the Bristol area. To be accessed by the council or emergency services in the event of a possible emergency. People that submit their details would have to confirm every year that their skills are current and details remain the same.

example --- heavy snow preventing anbulance attending emergency, but the same snow has also prevented a doctor going to work and they are close enough to walk.

This could work for lots of incidents, not as an alternative but as an  emergency reserve.

could include all those that own 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Why the contribution is important

when/if the normal services are unable to cope, the list could be used to find people who could help out.

by user215871 on November 25, 2013 at 01:07PM

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  • Posted by user734334 November 27, 2013 at 11:45

    I like this! And perhaps having a volunteer workforce to stand by in case of other emergencies such as clearing snow of roads, pumping water and other low skill labour needs. Perhaps signing up and doing a few hours can also give us a bit of council credit? Say a few pennies of our council tax bill? I'd be out there clearing snow immediately! Checking if the work has actually been done and proving the actual credit might be a bit of a problem. Another idea is that perhaps people can have a sticker or some sort of sign on their door to indicate that they can be called on by the neighbours incase of some emergencies?
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