restore Bristol's affordable housing

Average housing cost in Bristol is now 12 times average income.  This means there are now nearly 15,000 families in need of social housing.  These aren't scroungers or benefit cheats: they are ordinary working people who cannot afford to buy or rent a home in the unregulated speculative market.  Our aim is to raise money in grants and fixed-interest loans from ethical lenders to rescue ermpty sites and unused office buildings (of which Bristol has over 2million square feet) and adapt thern to provide affordable homes.  We shall then own these permanently on behalf of the community  to protect them from speculative sale, and let them on secure long-term tenancies at officially affordable rents with a guarantee of no rent rise for five years.

Why the contribution is important

This will make Brtistol again into a decent city that fulfils its responsibility to house its people.

by user328413 on November 24, 2013 at 07:04PM

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