Ring Road Bus Service

I've been submitting this idea for five years but it needs to live here as well.  
Although the Mayor of Bristol doesn't control most of the ring road around our city, hopefully neighbouring authorities will listen.

In Bristol we have an inflexible bus services; routes which come in to the city from neighbouring authorty run areas and go in to the city centre or across sections of the city but never around the city.  

By implementing a dedicated Ring Road Bus Service, we will see people catching buses in either direction throughout the Greater Bristol area to arrive at their desired location in up to half the time which it currently takes.  

For example take a person living in Easton who wants to go to Southmead's new Super Hospital.  The Easton resident will need to catch a bus in to the city centre and then another bus through through our congested city to the hospital.  But with a Ring Road Bus Service the Easton Resident hops on to the No.48 bus to the Ring Road at Downend then waits on the ring road for the new dedicated services which goes direct to our new Super Hospital.  
Take someone who lives in Downend and who wants to go to Keynsham. It currently takes about 1hr and 10 min, but with a dedicated Ring Road Bus Service it'll take less than 30 minutes.  

We have £100m's worth of Ring Road infrastructure in place and yet we don't have a dedicated bus service using it like a North and South Circular around the city and instead local bus providers cause unnecessary stress on passengers by insisting to fight in and out of the city.  How much do delays cost the city every day and this can be a breath of fresh air for pessengers instead of a sluggish journey and often a stressful journey.  


Why the contribution is important

It's important because it will half journey times, it will further incentivise people to leave their cars at home, it will speed up commuter provision by up to 60%, it will make areas all around the city accessible.  It will help to see services make strategic stops at the edge of the city arriving from Bath etc and like the London Underground, people will hope on and off if services to get to places much faster.  
So many buses cross the ring roads and so many buses stop on the edge of the ring roads.  1000's of people every morning and evening stand waiting for services going in to the city to reconnect with other services when they could travel away from the city and recconnect much faster and arraive at their desired location in half the time.  
It's important becuase it get's Bristol moving.
It's important because what we have already doesn't work!
It's important because we just need several dedicated buses and lots of bus stops..

by user946047 on December 05, 2013 at 11:51AM

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