Saving money and enabling community action

Reduce the number of councillors in Bristol by half to 35. This will immediately save £399000 in the basic salaries, plus more in savings on their projected pro rata pensions and projected fees for attending councillor training course.

The money saved should be used to widely publicise the need for snow wardens and street champions, and (only on request) to provide training for residents and groups of residents to set up community groups for their streets.

Some of the money might be occasionally claimed as compensation for one of these local residents if they have to take unpaid time off work to carry out these voluntaryduties.

These individuals or groups will be contact points for those residents who need extra help to access the council (for example if they are unable to use computers or are housebound or disabled/elderly/frail etc) They will be empowered to raise funds and arrange for low level work to be carried out that the council are financially unable to do for example, pruning trees and hedges overhanging pavements, clearing up litter, organising small works to walls, streetlights, etc.

They can work through the existing Neighbourhood Partnerships to publicise their activities and availability, but in fact will have more power in terms of getting work done and things acheived in their neighbourhoods than these bodies currently do.

This should be seen as a step towards giving direct power in their communities to local residents.


Why the contribution is important

It will save Bristol nearly £400000 a year and empower local communities.

by user793032 on December 08, 2013 at 02:54PM

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  • Posted by user959757 December 09, 2013 at 13:31

    I have for some time thought that we could reduce the number of councillors drastically, and also use it as a way to bring together some of the richest/privileged and poorest/deprived areas of Bristol to work together rather than be divided even more by ward boundaries.. Interestingly some of the richest areas neighbour directly - just across a road - a really disadvantaged area. we missed a real opportunity when we created Neighbourhood partnerships by not pooling resources.. we all have much to learn from each other so it would not be a one-way, patronising arrangement....
  • Posted by user428889 December 18, 2013 at 15:11

    Electoral ward boundaries are already being reviewed by The Local Government Boundary Commission - find out more:[…]/bristol-line-boundary-review

    Councillors also agreed to go to a four yearly cycle of local elections which brings benefits including cost savings.
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