Shops and services on Park and Ride sites

Build a small shopping/ commercial service quarter at the Park and Rides. Coffee shop, dry cleaners, shoe repairs, pharmacy, serviced laundrette/laundry, flower shop, off licence. All the things a comuter may need before and after work. These would all need to be open both before and after the working day. It would also be good to have the Park and Ride's open for longer hours in the evening.

The necessary buildings could be provided by a developer and rented. The buildings could be light prefabricated fun architecture of an attractive radical design. The city would get more business rates tho the rates should be modest rather than prohibitive.

Why the contribution is important

Such activity at a P&R would enliven and make it into a 'place' rather than just a car park. It would, by providing for the regular needs of commuters, make the use of P&R's more attractive and extend the opportunities for small traders and commercial service providers.

Attracting more use of P&R would be good for the cities congestion issues and make the bus service more financially viable.

by user920528 on December 17, 2013 at 10:59PM

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