Spend a Penny in Pubs; Save on Loos

Reading that your budget suggested cutting back on public toilets (but apparently retaining the disgusting male urinals blighting the city centre at weekends - a double standard if ever I read one) I wondered if you could consider the following idea.

If you must save a penny or two on toilets, then spare a thought for those Bristol citizens or visitors with disabilities, with children or babies, who are older, who are ill, who care for people with disabilities, who are pregnant etc. If people are to make the most of all that Bristol has to offer then they need toilets to be available - this is a basic, fundamental necessity. 

How about working with local pubs who have easily accessible toilets. Pubs could agree to the public using their toilets - with no obligation to stay and buy anything - in return for publicity on tourist and city guides etc. Guides could be produced marking the participating pubs, some sort of sticker could also be considered which could be displayed in the window or door so people could recognise the pub was participating in the scheme. I recall this happening in London, and I heard that participating pubs actually gained more custom, as people found their pub when they may never have known about it before, or never have visited it; and many of those people then decided to stay and drink and or eat in the pub. 

I know many people will say that people can sneak into pub toilets anyway, or use toilets in fast food cafes - but many people feel uncomfortable or guilty doing that when they are not purchasing anything from that business. A scheme such as this would formalise the matter and also perhaps bring advertising and custom to participating pubs. 

Why the contribution is important

Having access to accessible, safe toilets is a human rights issue. The city of Bristol has so much to offer and residents and visitors alike should be able to enjoy it in comfort - not with their legs crossed. 

by user338351 on November 24, 2013 at 05:52PM

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