St John's Hall on Lodge Causeway

Chester Park primary school needs to expand and the current plans include a new building behind the existing school site and the existing site to expand.
Next to Chester Park school is St John's Church Hall which is an ideal space to see both the school and the church help each other in to the next 100 years to serve this part of Fishponds. 

The idea is that the school build a new hall with classrooms above and the hall belongs to the school during the day and to community groups via the church on evenings when the school doesn't require it.  100's of young people use the hall every week and over 100 adults for activities and community events.  The existing hall is quickly coming to the end of it's life and this idea helps everyone to take the area in to the future, especially when almost 1000 new homes are planned for the area across the road from here as well.

This space is worth possibly £400k but money isn't the issue here, the church give the space to the new development in exchange for the future of a shared community hall.

Why the contribution is important

It's important that community venues in Hillfields area saved and this hall is at the edge of Hillfields in Fishponds.  It serves 100's of people and in a community where apathy is at an all time low with uncertainty and cuts, this is one way to see a new and shared structure at no extra cost to BCC and it actually makes a lot of sense.  

Schools being shared with the community can open up endless opportunities across the city and bring local pride to local people.  New schools are key to community development in the evenings.

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