Supermarket Out Of Date Food to Food Bank Shop

Supermarkets in Bristol dump food that is still good to eat for their own business reasons

The number of Food Banks  are growing as for whatever reason some people cant afford to buy food

If  a supermarket for example took over one of the empty shops  in Bristol then they could use one of their delivery lorries to daily take all the edible food that they chose to take off their shelves to THEIR shop which they could  name as they chose

Then  people with the correct vouchers ( there already exists a system ) can then obtain food

This is a Win Win Win Win Win situation

The supermarket  gets good advertising

A shop gets re opened in Bristol

Some unemployed get a job in Bristol

The food gets eaten

Less people go hungry in 2013 in Bristol

Why the contribution is important

Some People for whatever reason cant afford to buy food

Supermarkets for purely business reasons remove edible food from their shelves and dump it

Food cost money and fuel costs to produce and ship across the World

Its basic common sense to give perfectly edible food to people who dont have any !!

by user690930 on December 09, 2013 at 06:16PM

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