\Toulouse[2loos] a house name suggested by our postman

use of redundant WCs..We purchased a rdundant toilet block for £120000 from East Devon council.It had the advantage of electricity,water,drains plus salvageable materials. and detailed planning permission for a lovely cottage. We built it using kit of highly insulated panels.A scheme to develop the Bristol sites could produce council housing incorporating public facilities maintained by a contracted tenant living rent free.

The properties could be costructed by apprentices of the Council Works Dept using simple building teckniques

ps We saw aSelf build in Bristol on Homes under the hammer recently so you have an example already

Why the contribution is important

1, use of redundant facilites

2provision of updated facilities maintained at minmum public expense

3increase in assett value of council property

4training of young folk in valuable skills.

by user551311 on November 28, 2013 at 03:27PM

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