Twinning affluent with deprived wards

official 'twinning' of affluent with deprived wards.

The Mayor and council to sign up schools, businesses, community groups etc to actively engage across the city in a structured way.

for example: businesses considering recruiting to advertise first n their twinned ward, and only after a couple of months if they have  no response or find unsuitable candidates, to advertise in a wider area.

community groups to link up with a similar group in their twinned ward and run joint events, attend each others meetings, offer mutuall help.

schools to share facilities like playing fields with their twinned ward and help with transport to and from their facilities.


Why the contribution is important

This would make it official policy rather than being done in an ad hoc way (as now)  by community groups, schools etc, and give a structure to enable it to succeed. Benefits: boosting employment in the more deprived wards; encouraging awareness across the city of other residents way of life; breaking out of the ghetto mentality that has plagued Bristol forever.


i notice that you did not accept my first proposal so hope you will consider this one.

by user793032 on December 18, 2013 at 01:54PM

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