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I first 'saw' this idea on moving to St Pauls, over 20 years ago as it was revealed to me, spiritually; a vision that will help to heal my community and also be capable of rolling out as a model elsewhere.

It is a simple idea. The University of St Pauls would be based, most likely, in currently broken, unused buildings, say, in Portland Square, and every child in St Pauls would be guaranteed a place there as long as they met basic entrance requirements.

It would be managed by the Univesrity of the West of England. (UWE)

By basing it in the heart of St Pauls, every child would grow up seeing it right amongst them, forever accessible, and have tangible hope of a future right on their doorstep and not have to transend leaps of feeling otherwise included in facilities over in Clifton, etc., which they cannot easily identify with or really believe is equitably theirs for the taking.

Every child would see it as for them. "I can do that." Every parent could show their child, "This is for you.. You can do it!"

It would elevate the whole status of St Pauls and become a proudly celebrated achievement foir all who helps make it happen, litereally, radically transormational.

The project is easily syndicated financially with UWE as the main player.

This project, more than any other, would seriously put Bristol on the map with national and international aclaim.

Why the contribution is important

My idea is important because young people and their futures are.  It is inviting  UWE to come to the community it really wants to seek as participants in the vital engagement of learning in a radical new way; directly. It is inviting our Mayor and the wider Bristol community to see the wisdom and potential benefits of this idea, to challenge themselves and make it happen. Others will follow. We will lead.

The love and benefits this idea will bring are unselfishly priceless.

by user462546 on January 06, 2014 at 12:49AM

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  • Posted by user511285 January 06, 2014 at 10:43

    This is a great idea, I have been working as a Community Organiser in St. Paul's since September 2012 and have engaged a lot of young people who feel there is a lack of opportunities in St. Paul's in regards to education and work in particular.
    Chris's Idea is shared by a lot of people in the area, it would also help to lighten up the Portland square area which is now full of derelict and abandoned buildings, which concerns a lot of local residents.
    Big up on this idea Chris, hope it happens! let's make it happen!
  • Posted by user891823 January 06, 2014 at 19:30

    How about we start by moving north bristol sixth form to Fairfield for same reasons of making ongoing academic study visible
  • Posted by user206507 January 15, 2014 at 18:19

    A really interesting idea. Not sure how University accreditation works, and it could turn out that it is unfeasible to establish a University of St Paul's. HOWEVER.., surely it could be possible for UWE to have a campus in St Paul's, in the way that it does in other parts of the city. St Paul's could be a great location for a campus as it is close to the city centre and has good transport links, and a larger student population could bring a new dimension to the area. If it is not possible for UWE to have a campus here, then it could be worth seeing if CIty of Bristol College could establish a campus in the area.
    The funding problems faced by St Paul's Family and Learning Centre could be solved at a stroke if the building were used as a University or college campus building, while also being available for community use, particularly in the evenings, as well as for courses and events in the holidays.
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