If we were to rent any old empty city center buildings, we could paint the with brisght colours and with bright people we could use them for inner city campsites. With new tents there is no need for guy ropes, they are pop up, with a private space shy, blind or disabled people have there personal space, an open plan office could be kept safe with monitors on high chairs, much safer than small hostel corridors, It could be really fun! WWith a strong door policy like all good hotels we could open our inner citys to whole new groups of people, school partys, scouts, guides, walkers, musium goers, shoppers pensioners, familys for a fun different break, the lists is endless. Low cost accomidation in tents would make us the first in the world I believe. If we opened one in every city and called it Bristol urban camping BUC it would again put Bristol on the world stage as forward thinking.

Why the contribution is important

Im not going to go into te finer figures now but for example, if we had 1000 sq m. with walkways etc and not full all the time, it would turnover £3000,000 a year, times that by a few citys and Bristol neednt have a debt. Of course the local restaurants would love us, they would make approximatly £4000,000 a year feeding our guests, not to mention improved sales in shops musiums, art galeries and public attractions, the benifits are endless, Why cant Bristol go into business to make profit!

by user557713 on December 03, 2013 at 08:17PM

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