Use Cycle Logistics For Sop Deliveries

THe idea is to use set up a shared system wherby cargo bikes can replace at least some of the deliveries by van that disrupt high streets and which increase congestion in residential areas.

The last couple of miles from distribution centres and the distance back to someone's house doesn't always need a large diesel van. A meeting between local traders, a council officer and logistics companies could start a pilot scheme to share the planning and start up costs and discover where and for what sorts of goods cargo bike logistics would work.

Why the contribution is important

The busiest shopping streets in Bristol have severe problems with parking, with loading and with customer access to shops. Delivery vehilces play a disportionate part in blocking through traffic and causing discomfort and uncertainty for visitors to the shops.

Using cargo bikes so that shopping could be delivered back home would help shoppers to visit more than one shop and not have to worry about walking home with large or heavy bags. They can also carry enough weight to bring deliveries from distribution centres on the outside of the city into shops alongside busy streets. THe expertise of logistics companies could be applied to making the numbers and routes of cycle trips cost-effective.

The end result coud be livelier high streets, lower levels of pollution and a safer feeling for people on the streets. Other benefits might include a greater wilingness among less mobile people to walk to nearby shops, with all the social and community-forming benefits that that entails, rather than staying at home and ordering on-line. Seeing and buying an item in a shop and then being able to have it delivered in an environmentally sustainable way would appeal to many older people and probably younger ones too. Parents at home with small children can find it difficult to juggle pushchairs and shopping. Having a local delivery service would help.

by user862135 on November 28, 2013 at 11:26PM

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  • Posted by user412750 December 20, 2013 at 18:37

    What a fantastic idea!
    Also because it could get more young people into employment, and to get/stay fit. The money saved on fuel could be put towards wages.
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